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Julius Lewis reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

April 17 at 5:57pm ·

Let me tell you about PowerPlay band they were at the PowerHouse the other night and they brought it I've seen this band A lot of times now cuz I really enjoy their energy I've been to a lot of top cover bands dance party bands and this band is as good as any of the ones I've seen I paid $10 the other night and I got well more than my money's worth they rocked the place they had the people dancing from start to finish they gave you too long sets I just saw him on Saturday but I'll be going to see him again on Friday because they're close to me I never get tired of good music and a great band I have a good time in party down go see Power Play they're from Sacramento you know they're good!

Sara Metzinger reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

December 5, 2017 ·

This band gets your party going and keeps you on the dance floor. High energy, great vocals, and their song variety is awesome. They cover it all from Journey to Eminem and everything in between. Highly recommended and can’t wait to see them again!

ill Burkard-griem reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

February 24 ·

I just don't like power play, I LOVE it. I'm driving all the way to Strikes in Rocklin in April just to see the band. So worth the drive. The band rocks

Rick Huber reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

July 20, 2017 ·

Power Play it such a great fun band. The band plays songs that I grew up to. From rock to rap they play the songs that get you on the dance floor shaking that booty. The bad members are high energy and you can tell that they love what they do. I'm a big supporter of local bands and bands that come to the Sacramento area. I have taken photos and videos of many bands and of the people that enjoy great music. Power Play ranks up there as one of my favorite photogenic bands. I had such a great time and enjoyed taking photos and videos of a band that I have seen for the first time. Looking forward to seeing Power Play again.....

LaTosha Wilson reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

October 15, 2017 ·

Power Play has a very diverse playlist. They have something for every music fan. We celebrated our 25 yr class reunion and Power Play reconnected us through music. Amazing band!

Phillis Soresi-Tam reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

April 20 at 10:04pm ·

They rocked the house Fri. Night at Sampino's!!! Come back to Midotwn Soon!!!! 

Terri Dennard Hill reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

July 18, 2017 ·

Lots of Energy! Your Band has the right name and my baby is in it so yes If he likes it so do I! Keep it up and make sure you share the selection of songs & music with all genres.

Deborah Rosenbloom reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

October 29, 2017 ·

Powerplay put our event over the top, they are truly AMAZING!

Our guests loved them as much as we did and do. They are so energetic, funny, sweet and INCREDIBLY TALENTED!

It was an honor and pleasure to have this wonderful and talented group play for us and we look forward to many more events with them in the future!!


Trianna Sartori reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

September 9, 2017 ·

Loved you guys! You guys made our date night so much fun! Way better then other cover bands we've seen at the same venue. Would love to see you for the New Years show!

Edie Paganini MsTambo reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

March 24 ·

One Of My Favorite Cover Bands...pastedGraphic.png<3

Makes One Feel Young Again…pastedGraphic_1.png

Elizabeth Rey reviewed Power Play Band

5 star

April 15 ·

Great band for a great time! Will be watching them again!